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Cheesecake with elderflower and red fruits #doubleservings

[BONNE MINE] If you are a cheesecake lover, this recipe is for you! this is a baked version, flavored with elderflower syrup and red fruits. If you don’t have elderflower at hand you… Continue reading

Fragrance to drink : hibiscus, rapsberries and pink pralines

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Je vous ai apporté des bonbons.. les bonbons c’est tellement bon… Do you know this song from Jacques Brel? I had lunch with some friends last week and was wondering what… Continue reading

Magic cake (3 layers) matcha-rapsberries

[LOVE TIP]  First mushrooms, first figs, first root vegetables.. and first soups are coming! Hence I could have posted on a celeriac-horns of plenty purée, a delicious bowl of banh canh (the Vietnamese version… Continue reading

A mojito that wishes you well #superfood #acai #chia

[HAPPY VEGGIE] I will not comment on the Brasilian episode. Besides I am far from being competent for that : Neymar not there, 7-1, beer and cringe. This is about all I know about the match.… Continue reading

Sniffkiss turns one year!

[SNIFFKISS] Sniffkiss turns one year already ! One year that a first post on Facebook about honey dream and basil flowers brought some more light to my life, and I hope maybe some more… Continue reading

Snowflake.. Pomegranate and rapsberry, coco and jasmine..

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Waiting for the snow.. for now , a snowflake in the plate Lego style.. Rapsberry pomegranate juice, pomegranate juice like precious stones… Recipe  here

Matcha and rapsberries, tapiocal pearls

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Matcha and rapsberries…A kind of panna cotta , eastern version.. Pearls of tapioca simmered in almond milk, green tea, home-made rapsberry coulis.. Enjoy! 🙂 For Maeva – and all others!- as promised,… Continue reading