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Tuna tataki with smoked chili, lime and garlic

[LOVE TIP] It’s incredible how a good marinade can change the game. I had some tuna in the freezer and wasn’t really motivated to cook it. But this recipe changed my mind. It’s… Continue reading

Home-made peanut butter and fusion salad #raw #vegan

[LOVE TIP] Once you will know the recipe you will never buy peanut butter again. It is so easy, you know exactly what is in there (namely no additive..) and it is sooo… Continue reading

Angel hair pasta, walnut pesto, red orach and shiso. The road to heaven is purple

[BONNE MINE] Indulge yourself and have these voluptuous pasta, the best I have had for a while; So delicious I could not help having them for lunch and dinner… Back from the market,… Continue reading

Vegetal sashimi

[HAPPY VEGGIE] La vie en rose : Pomegranate, beetroot and shiso, a Sashimi végétal recipe Antioxydants, vitamin C, oligo elements and oméga 3.. And you? what’s your pink recipe? Vegetal sashimi with beetroot, pomegranate, shiso… Trancher… Continue reading