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Cheesecake with elderflower and red fruits #doubleservings

[BONNE MINE] If you are a cheesecake lover, this recipe is for you! this is a baked version, flavored with elderflower syrup and red fruits. If you don’t have elderflower at hand you… Continue reading

Freeze it! Strawberry and fresh almond cappucino

[Happy veggie] With this heat wave how about a strawberry and fresh almond Cappucino ? Like an airy cloud in mouth? Strawberry soup- using Mara and a drop og orange blossom water. Both… Continue reading

Queen of the meadow, strawberry peas and burnet crown. A childhood fragrance…

[HAPPY VEGGIE/My MADELEINE] Back to childhood! I am the queen of the meadow.. or the princess and the pea maybe.. Running wild, hiding, playing with precious cherries as jewels and picking strawberries, instantly… Continue reading

Thyme blossom drops, the waterproof smoothie to forget the raindrops…

[HAPPY VEGGIE] Ever heard of a WATERPROOF SMOOTHIE? If you’re fed up with the rain and/or want to cut on sugar crave, this is for you!..  I found yesterday  thyme in blossom at the… Continue reading

Strawberry blood orange carpaccio…Go South!

[HAPPY VEGGIE] shhh, I have relocated my office somewhere in the South of France…But like every Friday I have prepared for you a happy veggie recipe.. A strawberry blood orange carpaccio served with… Continue reading